Jackson & Sharp Train Car Reconstruction - January 2013


In January, the 46 carlines were fabricated.  These beams span the width of the train car and will support the roof.  This included milling oak stock to 1-3/8 inches and cutting a 14 foot radius 74 inches long, cutting flats for the soffit board, and cutting dadoes for clerestory frame.  Screw holes were also drilled and countersunk.

The clerestory frame was also started.  This portion of the passenger car rises above the surrounding roof and contains small side windows allowing for additional light and ventilation.  This construction involved fabricating a white oak frame 45 feet long and 1-3/4 inches thick.  Eighteen stiles were mortised in top and bottom and five boards were scarfed together for each rail.  Mortises for 24 rafters were cut on each side and the 45-foot length was rabbited for windows. We drilled for 18 inch bolts through each stile and mortised in each bolt head in the bottom rail.  Most of the original stiles are being used, though these had to be stripped of old paint and nails, sanded and the detail cleaned.

The original end upper trim boards were rehabbed and installed, consisting of a single yellow poplar board 9 feet 8 inches long and 20 inches wide.  Sanding the siding, trim and filling nails continued.